used oil recollection services

Every year, 200 million gallons of waste oil is not collected. They are improperly disposed to sewers, drains and streams, gravely threatening our environment.

Used Oil recycling

Used Oil Collection

Being an advocate for environment safety and resource recycling, Advantage Environmental Corp. offers top quality used oil collection services with the use of well-maintained tank-trucks. We aim to recover millions of gallons of used oil in order to take advantage of its beneficial reuse. From repair shops, residential homes to farms and commercial facilities, we can collect used oil and recycle them using the safest way possible. The equipment and facilities that we utilize to process used oil are all government, inspected, certified and expertly maintained to prevent imposing harm to our environment.

We are confident to perform our Used Oil Collection due to our long term commitment to the unwavering operational standards set by the company as patterned to the standards issued by the government. The company delivers the maximum level of operational compliance as well as safety for both our staff and our clients.

The Used Oil Collection service is available for whatever volume or type of Used Oil you would like to have recycled. The service also includes handling of important paperwork with full chain of custody.

Whether it is 5 gallons of used oil or 500 gallons or more, we at Advantage Environmental will offer this specialized service to you. We tend to both small and large organizations with full ability and dedication. The company provides the best customer service in the industry as we assist hundreds of our clients towards the most suitable service package along with the Used Oil Collection service.

If you are interested with our Used Oil Collection, you may contact our friendly customer support today. You may also email us or fill out the Online Contact Form provided in this website.